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Imma tell you just like this...

2009-05-21 13:44:52 by JNeuray

I understand I was drivin under the mutherfuckin influence, but i also understand i wasn't drivin. I wasn't drivin.

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Hilarious shit.


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2009-05-21 14:00:56

Check out my profile for daily comics :D You decide what happens in each :D!


2009-05-21 15:22:35

Fuck Newgrounds.

(Updated ) JNeuray responds:


I don't wanna hear this shit.


2009-05-24 19:24:25

I saw this video before. It never gets old.

JNeuray responds:

Indeed. ;D


2009-06-18 07:26:50

I don't see why you couldn't just put all that in a comment to me...but anyway, I call them like I see them. And there's always room on my awesome list because I feel bad when I leave someone out you see.

(Updated ) JNeuray responds:


What do you mean? "call them like i see them"? What's the point? It's not like you gain anything from dissing someone on the internet, right? (except for maybe raising your self esteem or something). Answer that for me please. =D

As for your "awesome list", ahem, are you .. never mind.

edit: Btw, I also love how you keep coming back to her page, seriously, do you have self-esteem issues or something? Or are you just... uhm.. jealous? :o


2009-06-18 16:56:29

It's called trolling people.
You must be an idiot to not see that.

(Updated ) JNeuray responds:

Oh yeah, right.

But I guess it was obvious anyway, 'awesome list', trying to get attention from 12 year olds/virgins, oh well. =D

Can I be on your amazing awesome list nao? :o

(If my memory serves me right, I think I've been on one of your lists before, actually. Ö)


2009-06-18 16:59:00

My Alt(Madii) loves saying everyone is an idiot

(Updated ) JNeuray responds:


That's so badass.


2009-06-18 18:58:12

Especially you AAB.

JNeuray responds:

Shit's going down!


2009-06-19 17:59:46

You pretty much just called yourself a 12 year old/virgin saying you were on one of them before and only 12 year olds/virgins ask.

(Updated ) JNeuray responds:

Hahaha, touché. =D

Actually I meant to say "12 year olds/virgins and awesome people like JNeuray", but oh well. =)

Let's quit arguing, k? ^^